I was having reflux almost every day before and haven’t had it since I started this program!


I’m not sure I ever thanked you for the product you shared with me to help me reset my metabolism. (HCG) – I am currently at or a tad below my lowest weight on the diet/lifestyle plan you shared. I have nearly lost a whole 70 lbs since my highest weight. I sleep well, I have tons of energy, I have no aches/pains, all tests are normal, negative, etc., and I am not on ANY pharmaceuticals. The HCG protocol was the turning point for me to take total responsibility of my health. Although I’ve had bumps in the road at times, I now have the confidence and knowledge to protect my good health. Thanks so much for sharing it with me!! Mike kinda likes the “new” me as well!!



Thank you for being you! I love the HA2CG program and the facial serum! I’m excited to achieve my goal weight and percentage body fat, and I’m feeling more energy and healthier all along the way.


I lost 43 pounds on the HCG program over a year ago and have kept it off within 4 pounds. I had tried everything else out there, and nothing else worked like HCG. I was able to stop my blood pressure medicine as a result of doing this program.


My life-long blues have finally lifted. Praise the Lord! Thanks for getting me started on my journey with the HCG diet.

(Leslie had previously been on an antidepressant for more than 18 years)


I didn’t think I would be successful at this program because I do not see myself as a disciplined goal-setter. But I found it was easier than I thought-a very simple approach. I had more mental energy and felt like a brand new person on it. After losing my first 18 pounds, it excited me so much that I am ready to start round #2 and set my next goal for my life. I am amazed every time I weigh that I have maintained my loss!


After completing my first round of HA2CG, I feel like I am aging IN REVERSE!! I had plenty of energy and felt better right away! I have no brain fog, my skin looks great,my joints don’t hurt as much, and my GERD is completely gone. Best of all, I am off the antidepressant I have been on for 18 years and have no issues whatsoever with my mood! I lost 21 pounds on this first round and plan to do a second one as soon as possible!


Well Nellaine, what can I say… This journey started for me in January 2012. I knew I was at least 355lbs after surgery and knew that I needed to do something. That’s when I met you through a mutual friend of ours. Since I met you and started down this road, I have lost a total of 79.5 lbs without being hungry. Can you believe that? It is hard for me to believe and I see it every day. I am almost at the end of my second round and am feeling great. HCG is only part of the solution – you were always there to keep me going even when I wondered if it would work or I was having a rough time. Thanks for the encouragement and sticking with me even though Krispy Kreme is right around the corner! The only bad part about the new lifestyle is needing to pay for a new wardrobe. Thanks again for everything!
P.S. Update November 2012 – Kevin has lost 120 pounds!


I did the HCG diet 2 years ago and lost 20 pounds, I have kept the weight off all this time. I am starting another round to lose another 30 pounds. The arthritis in my knees improved so much after losing the first 20 pounds that I know my knees will feel better after this second round.


I am so happy with the results I’ve had with the HA2CG program. Growing up thin, I had no willpower to control my appetite. This product gave me the support I needed to lose 30 pounds!!

I am pleased with my weight loss, but I am also pleased with my overall improvements in my health and well-being. I feel so much better!!