JonathanIn September of 2015, I weighed 239 pounds, my shirt was a 2XL, and my jeans were a 40 inch waist. I had already lost some weight, down from 265, but was at a standstill before Nellaine told me about her homeopathic regime and healthy eating.  I started her program at the beginning of November and within 6 weeks, I weighed 199 pounds and and my jeans were a 34 inch waist! I lost 40 pounds in under 2 months! I have continued to eat healthy in 2016 and have been able to maintain my weight loss with ease. I am shopping for regular large shirts now, and I am loving these jeans! The last time I was in 34 inch jeans was in high school in 1979. Thank you, Nellaine!


moises aftermoises200The day I finished my HCG program, I had an accident where I broke my leg and had to have surgery. If I’d had to carry that extra 53 pounds through the surgery, it would have been so much harder on me. I am so happy to feel healthy now~I don’t feel bloated and worn out all the time like I used to. I did the program while I was working heavy construction 12 hours a day and felt great the whole time. Now I have all this energy, but cant do anything because of my broken leg! Hopefully I will have a sledgehammer back in my hand soon! It was well worth it all. I went from 230 pounds to 177 pounds.



Lidia beforec200Nellaine, I am losing weight like crazy! I feel like a super star! I feel good~I have energy. The clothes I used to wear 2-3 weeks ago…are gone!


jayneafter210jaynebefore210I had tried several different programs where I was successful at losing weight but did not keep it off. I’ve never gotten the kind of results in this short amount of time as i have with the HA2CG. I’ve lost 51 pounds and went from a size 22 to a size 16. I feel fantastic! Nellaine – thanks again. And here’s the really good news, I’m a comfort, stress eater and I was able to maintain my weight loss during this recent difficult time. This has truly been a reset versus a diet. I feel like I can keep this off.


CindyACindyBLosing 38 pounds in 8 weeks has given me a new attitude as well as a new body. My hips are not the same size my waist used to be! Following this protocol truly loses inches as well as pounds. I have complete control over my eating patterns now. As an RN, I understood the science behind the HA2CG diet, but I never  expected such a simple plan to cause such dramatic change. The results are easy to maintain with no conscious effort.My body now wants what is good for me!

Cindy Sprenz, RN

LeslieALeslieB2I lost 34 pounds in 34 days, and my insulin intake went from 236 units a day to 20 units a day. I have kept my total weight loss of 40 pounds off for over two years now.


deborah 265 150

Before – 265lbs

Deborah 235 150

Half-way there – 235lbs



I’m amazed that I no longer have high blood pressure and reflux! I’m very impressed with this diet!


After this program, I reintroduced everything back into my diet and can eat anything in moderation. It changes your taste buds~things I used to love taste too sweet to me now.


I can’t see how anyone could fail on HCG!