Sample Menus

Meals during your weight loss days can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. These sample menus are some creative dishes by a client who is an artist. She really enjoyed making unique dishes with the allowed foods on the plan.

chicken blueberries spinach200

Roasted chicken with blueberries on a bed of fresh spinach.

Turkey strawberries kale200

Turkey loaf with strawberries on a bed of baby kale.

Fish, broccoli and orange dinner – All fresh, delicious and filling!

Berry sorbet with egg white garnish – wonderful for dessert!

Chicken stir “fried” with broccoli and oranges

Spinach, strawberry and apple salad with orange garnish

Beef and asparagus spears with orange slices

Orange slices sprinkled with cinnamon for a tasty dessert.

Ground turkey with Roma tomatoes and asparagus.

Ground turkey with Roma tomatoes and asparagus.