When Cravings Scream At You


The most important thing to do when you have a craving for foods that will derail your weight management goals is to stop and ask yourself when you actually ate last!  Perhaps you are having a blood sugar drop because you got too busy to eat and now your body is demanding quick sugar to keep going.Take time to tune in and be mindful.

The best thing you could do in that moment, rather than reach for the high sugar, high carb choice, is to down a few tablespoons of coconut oil! It’s quick and easy, it will give your body fuel from fat to burn, and it will squash the sugar cravings. Solidify this practice as a new habit. Carry a small container of coconut oil with you when you are out. Often you can get busy with something else and realize you forgot about those cravings. Continue reading

Your Next Step ~ In Step with Essential Oils

oilsCould anything so easy actually improve my health?

Once you have finished your round of homeopathy and reset your body at your new set-point weight, I highly recommend you  move to maintaining your health and weight with Essential Oils. These natural miracle oils have been around for thousands of years, and there are numerous Biblical references to oils for spiritual and medicinal uses. Essential oils help stimulate certain system receptors, and calm others. The science varies slightly based on the application method, but the most common one, aromatically, triggers the olfactory receptors in the nose to communicate with your brain’s limbic system to help your brain balance many body functions as well as stress levels, emotions, and hormones. They can also be used topically or ingested, as long as you are using a therapeutic grade of oil. The brand I recommend is Young Living, which has been the gold standard in the industry for over 20 years. Depending on which oil is being used, they can strengthen the immune system, improve indoor air quality, support body systems, stabilize mood, ease tension, regenerate the mind, and energize the body. Feel free to contact me for more information on your specific situation.


Covering the Basics

cows200The QUALITY of your food in critical to detoxifying your body and maintaining your ideal weight. The key things to remember are to choose grass fed beef, wild caught fish, organic chicken, farm fresh organic eggs, pesticide/herbicide free produce, and non-GMO crops, especially grains. All non-organic wheat, corn, soy, potatoes, and tomatoes are GMO, to name a few. The body simply does not recognize what is not found in nature, and has to process GMO foods as toxins, which is a huge burden on the liver. You either pay now for organic food or pay later in the cost of health complications, including doctor bills, prescriptions bills and side effects, and surgery costs and often permanent loss of organs. You are worth it ~ eat the highest quality food available!

What’s the deal with gluten?

gluten200Don’t shoot the messenger, but cut gluten out of your life. Even if you don’t think you need to, there is no disease known to man that cannot be caused by gluten in someone! A very comprehensive discussion of this topic can be found in the book “Wheat Belly.” Today’s wheat is not your Biblical wheat, even whole wheat, due to the massive hybridization that it has undergone. Gluten is used as a filler in so many products today~even Wendy’s 100% beef has gluten in it! Many mixed spices use gluten to hold them together. However, never before in history have there are so many gluten-free choices on the market. Eight years ago I became gluten free, and my health has improved dramatically. Yes I grieved the loss greatly, as wheat was a large percentage of my diet, not to mention my favorite food, but the trade offs have been worth it.

Love Affair With Sugar

sugar200I’ve had a love affair with sugar from an early age. I would eat the little square sugar cubes on restaurant tables by the handful when we ate out for Sunday lunch. Then my parents gave me a cotton candy machine which I ran continuously. I classify myself as a recovering “sugarholic.”

When you consume processed sugar, you truly cannot taste “real food” and its’ natural sweetness. Marco Polo would give his wounded troops sugar so they could muster the strength for one last round in battle.

Set your mind to break your processed sugar addiction and use natural sources of sweetness instead like honey, maple syrup, stevia, coconut nectar, fruit, or chicory root. The desire for processed sugar will diminish!

Benefits of Butter

butter200Today I want to talk about the benefits of butter in your diet. Most people like adding butter to their foods. Of course, you cannot use butter in the restricted calorie phase of the HCG diet, but once you go into the maintenance phase, load up on the butter. Make sure of course, it is free from antibiotics and bovine growth hormone, and from grass fed cows when available. Hal Huggins, the famous biological dentist who has carried on Dr. Weston Price’s work, eats a quarter of a pound of butter a day. You do not absorb a nutrient unless a fat is attached to it. On a low fat diet, you starve to death. I was fortunate to be able to have dinner with Hal Huggins in Chicago about 4 years ago, and it was a special treat to be in the presence of such a true pioneer fighting for holistic dentistry.

Make food your solution, not your problem!

processedFocus on the small stuff in your diet for weight management! The micronutrients are essential for keeping the body strong, healthy, and in proper balance. There are 16 vitamins, 60 minerals, 3 essential fatty acids, and 12 essential amino acids that have been identified as essential.
Minerals come from the earth, so we are most deficient in these because of the poor condition of our soils today. Everyone would be hard pressed to have the correct balance of minerals today without daily supplementation. Empty calories are in foods where the micronutrients have been stripped away with just the calories left, which contributes to weight gain. Avoid foods in a box, can, or package to stop eating foods that cause a deficiency of micronutrients. Switch to nutrient packed food choices!

Make food your solution, not your problem!

Mineral Depletion

foodLiving in urban areas, we can’t do much about the condition of the soil in which our food is grown. I believe the nutrient-stripped soil is a consequence of ignoring the Biblical land Sabbath for generations. This depletion of the soil, and resulting mineral depletion in our food, has left most people with moderate to severe mineral depletion or imbalances. These imbalances, coupled with rampant toxicities, is at the root of the majority of our modern chronic diseases. Take steps today to find the best quality food you can, and supplement your diet with macro and micro minerals.

Parkinson’s and Pesticides

Hands200Since my dad died of Parkinson’s 13 years ago, I have learned about the proven link between Parkison’s and pesticides. I first read of this in Michael J. Fox’s autobiography. If pesticides kill the neural centers of bugs, doesn’t it make sense it could have a similar effect on humans? Organic produce costs more than produce saturated with pesticides, but you can pay now, or pay later. Buy organic produce, or grow your own free of pesticides!

Eyes… Window to the Body

Blue eyeThe eyes are the window to the soul…and the body.

Technically, there are only blue eyes and brown eyes. All those people with green or hazel eyes like me are actually blue-eyed people with a toxic yellow overlay. As you begin to detoxify, your eyes will become more blue again. However, it usually takes years for this to happen.

Also, in blue-eyed people you can see the brown area around the iris that is actually a mirror of the colon. Where there are bulges in the pattern in the eyes, there are corresponding irregularities in the colon. For more information on this topic, research iridology.

Eight years ago I had photos taken of my irises with a special camera and have been tracking the changes~fascinating!