When Cravings Scream At You


The most important thing to do when you have a craving for foods that will derail your weight management goals is to stop and ask yourself when you actually ate last!  Perhaps you are having a blood sugar drop because you got too busy to eat and now your body is demanding quick sugar to keep going.Take time to tune in and be mindful.

The best thing you could do in that moment, rather than reach for the high sugar, high carb choice, is to down a few tablespoons of coconut oil! It’s quick and easy, it will give your body fuel from fat to burn, and it will squash the sugar cravings. Solidify this practice as a new habit. Carry a small container of coconut oil with you when you are out. Often you can get busy with something else and realize you forgot about those cravings.

Also, be sure your kitchen is cleaned out of unhealthy choices so you are not tempted. You can’t eat those chocolate chip cookies or potato chips if they are not there!  It is always a good idea to have an accountability partner to help you in those weak moments.  

You can also challenge your taste buds. Instead of the cookies, or whatever comfort food you may be used to, have you been wanting to try a kiwi? Now might be a good time for that. Planning your food choices ahead for the day is the ideal scenario, but not always possible.

Regardless, do your best here~write down your goals and think ahead about how you can find solutions next time.  Continually remind yourself why you have chosen to make the dietary changes you have made. Reminding yourself of the benefits will keep you motivated. Use post-it notes everywhere if that helps. When you work these strategies and they get you through the cravings, celebrate your success!

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