What’s the deal with gluten?

gluten200Don’t shoot the messenger, but cut gluten out of your life. Even if you don’t think you need to, there is no disease known to man that cannot be caused by gluten in someone! A very comprehensive discussion of this topic can be found in the book “Wheat Belly.” Today’s wheat is not your Biblical wheat, even whole wheat, due to the massive hybridization that it has undergone. Gluten is used as a filler in so many products today~even Wendy’s 100% beef has gluten in it! Many mixed spices use gluten to hold them together. However, never before in history have there are so many gluten-free choices on the market. Eight years ago I became gluten free, and my health has improved dramatically. Yes I grieved the loss greatly, as wheat was a large percentage of my diet, not to mention my favorite food, but the trade offs have been worth it.

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